Education Links Consultants – Humpunjabi

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Education Links Consultants – Humpunjabi
Education Link is committed to helping students reach their goals by providing comprehensive student services through our various offices in India, fully staffed by knowledgeable and trained personnel. Delhi houses the corporate office from where all the correspondence with institutions and the High Commissions are handled. Education Link is enlisted as Educational Consultants for UK universities and colleges by the British Council. The strength of the organization is its infrastructure, the in-depth knowledge and immense experience while the driving force remains the quest to conquer the horizon. It is to be stressed that correct and systematic counseling is the key to success in any field, and at times unawareness and a wrong step could ruin your career.

Knowing this fact indepthly Education Link invites all the prospective candidates who are serious about a overseas programmes to a 2 hour free presentation. The students are provided with complete information about the scope of the foreign education, universities recommended, the procedures, the requirements and the need for proficiency in English to make them more culturally aware for their study abroad experience.
Education LINK’ as a group is headed by Mr. Vipin Oberoi (CFO) & Mr. Kunal Oberoi (CEO) who have been educated in the finest institutions abroad.Mr. Vipin Oberoi (CFO) is India’s most dynamic entrepreneurs in the area of consultations. Mr. Vipin Oberoi has spent nearly two decades as a consultant, researching, analysing and drawing conclusions on a huge variety of markets and client situations in different industries. He has made immense contribution towards the development of cement, steel, chemical, security and garments industry of India through his invaluable consultation services. He is founder member of several renowned educational committees in India, working with continuous emphasis on attaining the goals of Educated persons in Global wise.

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