Faculty of Engineering & Technology Courses University of the Punjab

Welcome to the Faculty of Engineering & Technology Courses in University of Paunjab. PU has been offer the best engineering environment coupled with the intellectual and technological resources for the students. Actually Faculty of Engineering and Technology is uniquely positioned to educate the technological leaders of tomorrow. Punjab University goal is to position the engineering graduates to be problem solvers, project leaders, communicators, and ethical citizens of a global community.

In this technology-driven era, the socio-economic status of a country is directly or indirectly gauged by its potent engineering skills. Engineers are the builders of better world for mankind. The prestigious Institute of Chemical Engineering & Technology under the Faculty of Engineering & Technology Courses, University of the Punjab, has been consistently catering to the needs of qualified and trained professional manpower in the form of chemical engineers and metallurgical engineers for the respective national industries over the past many years in Pakistan. The alumni of the Institute have prodigiously contributed towards the development of process industry as well as various allied industries in Pakistan. Their performance at home and abroad is equally commendable.

Faculty Engineering Technology Courses University Punjab

In year 2005, the College of Engineering and Emerging Technologies was established under the Faculty. At present, the College / University has been offering 4-years engineering degree courses in two disciplines, namely, Metallurgy & Materials Engineering and Electrical Engineering, thereto the program will be extended to other state-of-the-art disciplines. Faculty of Engineering & Technology is producing outstanding engineers around the Pakistan and worldwide students, with great moral values, who are contributing in a prosperous and technologically advanced Pakistan and we look forward to scintillate future of the engineering profession and our beloved country. If anybody can admission in Faculty of Engineering & Technology Courses in University of the Punjab, then click the below link for download the prospectus.

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