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Lawrence College Murree Admissions: Lawrence College Murree is very popular institute in Pakistan. Sir Henry Lawrence was the force behind the Lawrence Schools of South Asia. He was born in 1806 in Ceylon (presently Sri Lanka) and educated at Folye College Derry and then Addiscombe Military Seminary. He joined the East India Company, rising to the rank of Brigadier General in the Bengal Artillery.
While engaged in matters of concern to the British Raj like the revenue system, the canal system, and roads, the worry that was always with him was the future of the orphans of British soldiers. This worry took the form of the four asylums. The Sanawar and Mount Abu were constructed and commissioned in the life time of Sir Henry Lawrence, while Ghora Gali came into being in his memory, with a major contribution from his family.
Before 1920, the most famous School Crest used to be an Eagle poised for flight, with the motto ‘Onwards and Upwards’. The present logo is an adaptation of the Lawrence Coat of Arms, granted to the college in 1926, by Sir Alexander Hutchison Lawrence, the eldest son of Sir Henry. “Never Give In” is the motto of the college, being the last instructions of Sir Henry Lawrence while dying at the Lucknow Residency.

Lawrence College Murree Admissions Procedure

Registration e-form should be completed in full, signed by both parents where appropriate, and returned to the Lawrence College Admissions Department together with the non-refundable Registration Fee of PKR1,500 and a copy of your son’s birth certificate and NADRA Form B . We regret that places cannot be reserved without payment of the fee, and that the School cannot guarantee places until a formal offer is made.

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Admission Fees Structure

Charges at the time of Admission
Admission Fee (Non Refundable): PKR 25,000/-
College Development Fee (Non Refundable): PKR 30,000/-
Security Fee (Refundable): PKR 40,000/-
Total: PKR 95,000/-
Conditions relating to unpaid fees, notice, deposits for overseas pupils, confidentiality and other matters may be obtained from the School on request. Parents/Guardians are notified of any changes in the fee structure.
Optional Expenses
It is the School’s policy to make the fees as inclusive as possible. No extra charges are made, for instance, for games, or for travel to away matches or regattas. Extras are confined to those things which are genuinely personal expenditure, or incurred optionally, such as clothing, shoes, stationery, visits to theatres, visits to The Mall in Murree, and any books bought to supplement those borrowed or hired from the School’s book pounds.
Fees in Advance
Please contact our Bursary for further information. +92-51-3751001-3751002-3751003
Scholarships and Bursaries
Lawrence College Ghora Gali has a tradition of offering a wide range of generous scholarships and other awards. Please ask for details.
Principal’s Office
+92-51-3751004 Fax No. : +92-51-3751005
Vice Principal/Headmaster Senior School
Headmaster Prep School
Headmistress Junior School
College Exchange
General Information

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