Web Designing HTML Tutorial Urdu Hindi English Part Four 4

Welcome in Web Designing HTML Tutorial Urdu Hindi English Part Four 4 and here we let you complete coding of HTML Links For Up Down.

This is first step because Web Designing in HTML is very simple language and almost 90% people are make the Websites in HTML Coding, so you can easily make your own Website in HTML coding tags and you are simple write these HTML Tags for making of any type of Web Design and also in this Tutorial you can learn Web Designing HTML in Urdu, Hindi and English Tutorials.

We can also provided complete HTML coding for making of Web Designing and hope this is very easy way of make the Websites through HTML and believe when you can learn and command on HTML, you are easily make your own and any type of Web Designing with the help of HTML.

Web Designing HTML Tutorial Urdu Hindi English Part Four 4

Complete Coding of Web Designing HTML Links For Up Down

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>HTML Links Up – Down</title>

<body bgcolor=”Green”>

<a href=”http://Humpunjabi.com”>Click Here For HumPunjabi.com Visit</a>

If want to open the Link in New Tab then write

<a href=”http://Humpunjabi.com” target=”blank” title=”Go New Tab”></a></br>

<a href=”#Humpunjabi.com”>About the Website</a><br><br><br><br> This is use for only space

Here About Me Complete Detail
<a href=”Humpunjabi.com”></a>
Humpunjabi.com is provided complete information about Web Designing, Web Development, SEO, PhP Tutorials in Urdu Hindi and English<br><br><br>

<a href=”Write the File Name/Link File Name”><Back to Home></a>


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