Xiaomi Redmi 3 16 GB ROM Smartphone Full Specifications

Xiaomi Redmi 3 16 GB ROM Smartphone Full Specifications. Xiaomi Redmi is very popular brands in worldwide and its lot of series has been launched with amazing features and specs of flagship smartphones Redmi 3 has received lot of accolades. So it is a high quality powerful flagship smartphone featuring the presence of a fingerprint scanner with crystal metal case and capacious and longtime battery of 4000mAh. Despite its powerful features, specs and greater staffing, this smartphone looks very nice; it is still very light and pleasant to the touch and easy to use. It is our pride, improved smartphone specifically designed for the youth.

Xiaomi Redmi 3 16 GB ROM Smartphone Full Specifications

Little Summary of Xiaomi Redmi 3

  1. Helio X10
  2. MTK CPU
  3. Fingerprint scanner
  4. Very light
  5. Metal case
  6. Nice to the touch
  7. Chipset for safety
  8. Thin, capacious battery
  9. 164g
  10. 4000mAh

Flagship Processor MTK Helio X10 of of Xiaomi Redmi 3

Now we let you about the speed of this smartphone that is what might be called the flagship cellphone. The speed of the smartphone allows us to fully appreciate and experience the whole range of positive emotions, easy to playing and control the different games. Redmi Note is equipped with top quality performance with 8-cores in addition, it has a faster dual-channel internal memory eMMC 5.0, not to mention the new system MIUI 7. In short, optimization of smartphone OS will allow you to get a lot of enjoyment from Redmi 3. 8-core Cortex-A53, 64-bit, CPU, 32GB RAM, Standard Edition 16GB (optional), 3GB Dual Channel RAM, Standard Edition 2GB (optional)

Fast Screen Unlock of Xiaomi Redmi 3

So are you want and unlocks the screen using the fingerprint scans in only 0.3 seconds. Just put your finger in identification zone ​​, and your smartphone is unlocked in 0.3 seconds, which is very faster than the standard procedure of entering a password. In addition, if you have shopping and buy online, then you can also, with the help of a fingerprint, pay for your purchase. You no longer need to worry about the problem of security, because thanks to the fingerprint scanning, it excludes the possibility of an outsider to crack the highest security system of the mobile phone.

Xiaomi Redmi 3 Have Powerful Battery System of 4000mAh

Now we let you about the battery system, most smartphones do not have such a battery 4000mAh, the capacity of which is equal to 132% battery capacity of the previous generation. Battery life is also greatly increased, so you do not have to constantly worry about the battery level of your smartphone. Surprising is the fact that the smartphone is equipped with very powerful battery system, and still it is light enough.

Total Weight of Xiaomi Redmi 3

Here we let you about Xiaomi Redmi 3 the total weight of this smartphone, it can be assumed that the cell phone, which is equipped with a large capacity battery 4000 mAh, should be heavy and thick. As a result of various innovations, in comparison Redmi 3 to compare the previously launched Redmi Note 2, we can say that with the presence of high-capacity battery, our optimized flagship has on (31%) greater amount of charge, and his weight has increased by only 4 grams. Redmi 3 is supports latest 4G Dual Sim, Dual Standby, as well as an updated module Wi-Fi 802.11ac. Free Wi-Fi, free connection to the faster and more convenient connection to the Internet.

5.5″ Display Size Screen of Xiaomi Redmi 3

Ok, Xiaomi Redmi 3 now we let you about the display size of this phone, if you think that clarity is the main thing on the screen. In our thinking that the screen Redmi 3 became even, thanks to the optical screen technology, this cellphone is easily determine your location, and automatically adjust the contrast of the display according to the weather current position. At the same time you can also achieve excellent image quality, with the help of technology automatically increases the brightness of the screen in the dark.

And also the help of latest Technology of night mode adjusts the display so that it is not too much light in the darkness and it is not “cutting” your eyes and prevents the occurrence. Latest technologies are not only making images clearer on the screen, but it has also adjusting the display settings according to your current location.

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